Resident Artists

Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks is a full-time artist, teacher, and artist mentor. "I am modern-day man, I live in the present not the past, and involved, active in St. Louis area in a multitude of artistic and social events are adventures. Former Cultural Arts Director for the city of St. Peter's, I envisioned and created the St. Peter's Cultural Arts Center." He works in a variety of mediums including painting, fused glass, sculpture, assemblages, collage, and writing in a Not-So-Ordinary Style.

Jim Carlson

I am a pottery artist in studio four at the Foundry Art Centre and a grade school teacher at Immanuel Lutheran School in St. Charles, MO. My interest in ceramics began in college at Concordia Teacher's College in Seward, NE. I enjoy making art that is unusual and kind of whimsical. I teach children and adult pottery classes in my studio. My work is intended to inspire the children and the adults that I teach. I enjoy hand building pottery, throwing on the wheel and combining the two methods to produce unique pieces of art.

Lynne Dibadj

"In 2015, I began experimenting with abstract art using pastels. Over the last year, my love for animals inspired my paintings of custom dog and cat impressions using pastels. My friends and family have encouraged me on this journey. I am so excited to have my Art at The Soulard Art Gallery. I am still learning and I love every minute of it!"

Patrick Bellmann

Patrick Bellmann is an aspiring photographer who has been with the Soulard Art Gallery for several years. He takes photographs from his perspective in life. Patrick is in a wheelchair which makes some of his perspective a bit different sometimes. He loves music, art and LIFE! Patrick also likes to occasionally manipulate his images to sometimes create new and unique photographs.

Kathy Gomric

Kathy Gomric is a surrealist fantasy artist who enjoys creating drawings in black and white with shades of gray, 'Drawing is my PASSION!' Kathy's talent is a God given talent, as she started drawing at a very early age. Her creative imagination and ability to create her strange fantasies are also part of her artistic gift. Kathy's work can also be found in many galleries and exhibits throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan area and she is an active member of many art organizations along with teaching her skills to others.

Jane Wees Martin

I am Jane Wees Martin, a painter and native St. Louisan. I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I like the immediacy of acrylics. My paintings are often vibrant because I use complementary colors to make them as vivid as possible. The subjects of my paintings are portraits of Blues and street musicians, portraits of chairs, and buildings. I also have an ongoing series of masks inspired by African images. I have been painting on found wood and driftwood. These paintings have a folk art flavor and are often based on lyrics from Blues songs.

Karen Miller

A self-taught artist born and raised in the Metro-East, Karen was interested in art from an early age. After experimenting in all mediums, Karen is exploring the expressive use of color in soft pastels and oils. The rich colors all set in an atmosphere of peace, gentleness and beauty. She hopes her artwork communicates, joy beauty and serenity. Karen currently lives on 18 acres with her husband, son, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 15 chickens and one noisy rooster.

Jessica Orso

Jessica Orso is a self taught artist who creates abstract, acrylic paintings. Orso's work focuses largely on the use of color, depth, and movement to convey emotions within the viewer. No two people looking at the same painting will see it the same way. For some, the art may remain silent, for others it will speak to them in a manner beyond words. If the art speaks to you, nothing more needs to be said.

Garrett Roberts

Garrett Roberts is a self-taught photographer who enjoys experimenting with toy cameras, antique lenses, and alternative methods to produce unique and interesting artwork. His award winning work has appeared in numerous art exhibits in St Louis, Detroit, and New York City.

Pat Whitford Toenjes

I have been a ceramist since 1998, but was craving to create more than sculpture, pot and decorative items of clay or with clay. One night I stumbled on a You Tube video of a unique and fresh process that instantly connected with my long time desire to do abstract painting. I had the drive but lacked the knowledge. There it was! The inspiring marriage of clay and paint...CLAY MONOPRINTING!!

Marty Warren

From a very early age I found great joy in making things. Encouragement from a few family members and heredity may have resulted in the visual path I chose. Many of the pieces you see here have been produced at various times over the last twenty years. My work hangs in locations from the east coast of the United States into the mid-west.

Chelsie Wilson

Chelsie Wilson is a St. Louis based artist who focuses on expanding her fine art skills across a multitude of different media and merging them in cohesion. She creates expressive abstract and figurtive work. She exhibits frequently in local St. Louis area exhbitions, having had work shown at Art Saint Louis, Webster Arts, and The St. Louis Artists' Guild. Creating art that enhances the way others view the world is her ultimate goal.