2019 Exhibition Schedule

Currently in the gallery:

Student Exhibit - Nov. 15 through Dec. 27

Up next in the gallery:

Abstraction V - Jan. 3 through Jan. 31

2020 Schedule Preview

2019 Show Schedule

Soulard Art Gallery invites established and emerging artists to exhibit their work alongside our resident artists

1. Abstraction IV

January 4th - February 1st

Submission can be of any subject that is communicated in the power of abstraction.

2. Steampunk IV

February 8th - March 8th

Create something unique from your love of everything steampunk.

3. Beyond Green

March 15th - April 12th

Green represents the beauty of nature; it represents life and renewal, money and even envy.

4. Bridges

April 19th - May 17th

Bridges become frames for looking at the world around us.....

5. Faces...

May 24th - June 21st

People see faces in clouds, in trees andin shadows, let’s see where you see them showing up in


6. Fleur de Lis

June 28th - July 27th

Means “flower lily”, and is used as a decorative design or motif. To us it means Soulard.

7. Cigar Boxes

August 2nd - August 30th

Open to all art media, as long as it is in or on a cigar box.

8. Material World

September 6th - October 8th

Fiber work in conjunction with Innovation in Textiles show in St Louis.

9. Would You Love Me As a Pet

Oct 11th - Nov 8th

All animals are God’s creations. It can be big or small, pretty and fluffy or ugly and scaley.

10. Student Show

November 15th - December 27th

Open to all high school student’s artwork of any media.